PE Time

We’ve been working hard on our balance today. 



Toy Museum Visit

We had a visit from the toy museum today. We learnt about old toys and games. We talked about what they were made of and how to play with the old toys. 



We had lots of fun learning to play the old games. Some of them are still favourites!



Cassiobury class trip

On Tuesday we had an amazing time at cassiobury park. FIrst of all we went into the woods. We made a fire from sticks and cooked toast. It was great fun!

In the afternoon we went orienteering. We used a map and key to find clues. 

Overall we walked 7 miles!!!!

Book Week Competition

Have you created your own Roald Dahl character for our Book Week family competition yet? I have extended the deadline until Friday 6th October. I am very impressed with the level of creativity so far so put your heads together and share your ideas with each other! The prize is a family hamper!